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Young Adventists in the Tula region have been taught methods of aggressive propaganda

Young Adventists in the Tula region have been taught  methods of aggressive propaganda
In the first half of August in the village of Zaoksky in the Tula region, the Adventist University hosted the so-called "Youth Missionary Congress"  with the participation of 1500 people from various regions of Russia and other countries. For several days the guests attended seminars and work shops, the program  has been set out in a specially published glossy brochure.

The contents of the document seemed very interesting to the news agency «SM-News», so we decided to study carefully: what do the young adepts learn from the leaders of the Seventh-day Adventists, as an organization that many experts call a sect? And nothing new …

In order

In total 18 seminars and 31 master classes were held. Descriptions to the last deserve a separate article. For example, if you replace only three words in the texts, the sum, oddly enough, does not change. We start from the event, in which the speaker tells about the importance of using social media by young adepts.

In the description, we replace the words «church» by «party», «sermon» — «propaganda», «gospel» — «idea», and we get the following construction, excitingly recognized by the older generation:»There was a situation when the surrounding society successfully entered the world of social media, but the party did not actively join the work in this space. An unfilled niche was formed. This niche can be replenished by building relationships with people in social media in order to propagate the idea, «- this is how the slightly changed text attributed to the master class of Dmitry Bulatov, whom open sources call a «pastor» or «clergyman» from Nizhny Novgorod.

Mention of the Bolsheviks, who used the Internet at the beginning of the 20th century, did not survive. Because the first known session of instant information transfer to the distance occurred only in 1969, by 2012 the number of Internet users has already exceeded 2.5 billion. The Bolsheviks did not have such a powerful tool, but there were newspapers. The creator of the Russian Communist Party (Bolsheviks), Vladimir Lenin, stressed the need for the spread of influence through the press in the article «Where to start?», Published in the newspaper Iskra No. 4 of May 1901. So, we replace only one word «newspaper» with «social media», and we get the detail of the puzzle ideally suited to the previous design:

«The social media is not only a collective propagandist and a collective agitator, but also a collective organizer,» Lenin would write in 2017. «One technical task — to ensure the proper supply of the social media with pieces and the proper distribution of it — makes it necessary to create a network of local agents of a single party, agents who live in mutual relations with one another, who know the general state of affairs, who are accustomed to regularly perform fractional functions of the all-Russian work, tried out their forces on the organization of certain revolutionary actions. This network of agents will be the backbone of precisely such an organization that we need: large enough to cover the whole country».

The Adventist’s brochure is decorated in red tones, as if the adherents of the organization intend to celebrate the Day of the Great October Socialist Revolution. The number 2017, straight lines, angles … It is called «Pass the Relay», the motto of which is «Believe, learn, share.» Only two words are highlighted in white on a dark background: «believe» and «share» and «learn» — merges. Maybe because it has a less important meaning here?

At the congress, the Adventist organizers immediately switched from theory to practice. The Bolsheviks would call them «pioneers», look:

«How to organize and grow a small group,» — told the audience businessman Colin Hone whom the Adventists refer to as the «international director of the project «The Ministry of the Holy Spirit» and the head of «prayer ministry» in Australia. Someone called Garry Blanchard known as «director of General Conference Youth» spoke about how to become a «church open to the youth.» The foreigner, as he had said, visited Russia for the first time, and made conclusions about the need to mobilize young people.

Further, the third foreigner — high-ranking guest Jiwan Moon talked about the spiritual development of adolescents, about the «biblical principles» of building relations. And Carlos Campitelli is a «pastor» from Brazil, the head of youth in the «South American Division» — about the gift of each person who «becomes very powerful in God’s hands» and, obviously, the adepts will be able to get up with him «extraordinary things, who can bring the second coming of Christ closer. «

The rest of the speakers — with Slavic names or surnames — taught the preparation of sermons, effective propaganda of the «gospel through tricks and science,» how to correctly tell the «non-believer about verity» and don’t get confused, smooth out the conflict, work in a team, compose the «correct» music and lyrics, captivate adolescent adepts, and even, unexpectedly

… adaptation of the «evangelical message for the Muslim context».

It does not stand up to criticism of

The «heavenly plan for white coats» performed by Vladislav Bogdanov, a graduate of the medical academy in Chernivtsi in Ukraine, does not stand up to scrutiny. The brochure says that the man works as a family doctor in Moscow, and also runs some internal organization of medical adepts.

«Effective work of a medical officer is possible only in cooperation with Christ. How to learn to see in patients not only a sick body, but also a soul that needs a great doctor. Minuses of medical science aimed at treating exclusively bodily ailments. Good news (gospel) in the workplace, «- the description to the master class says.

As colleague Olga commented, on the one hand, I would like the attending physician to have an individual approach to the patient. But, on the other hand, if a man in a white coat invited her to join any kind of religious organization, or began to say that her sores — from lack of faith, for example, she would have informed about this approach of the head physician. Written.

«Medical-missionary service includes, above all, not so much highly professional medical assistance as the basics of providing medical care to every suffering person», Bogdanov explained his position in an interview with the Adventist resource.

In the brochure, by the way, the participants of the congress are offered to apply for help to «a person who is very worried about your health» in the case «if you feel bad.» It is indicated that this is «medical information».

But if you read in letters and syllables, slowly and thoughtfully, then Nadezhda Ivanova, who is that worrying person, is «responsible for medicine.» As the Adventist official resources inform she is the director of the health department of the Euro-Asian Division, and also the Master of Public Health, Loma Linda, CA, USA.

Journalists of the Russian-language edition of the Prague Express in 2013 reported on «six evenings of health», which in April were held in Prague by some graduates of the American University Loma Linda. Just don’t mention anything about the authors of the Adventism programs. The program «Breathe freely» gave them up though.

Ivanova shared her impressions about this program.

But in the Prague Express, in contrast to some Adventist resources, it is indicated: Nadezhda Ivanova is a graduate psychologist.

«For many years she has been conducting her seminars in the expanses of the post-Soviet states, participating in television programs, organizing master classes in the preparation of delicious and healthy food,» correspondents told about Ivanova.

Of course, there can be two such Ivanovs. Both studied in Loma Linda, both adepts of «SDA», but one — a graduate psychologist, and the second — «master of public health.» But if Ivanov-psychologist was appointed responsible for medicine, it is understandable why it was not specified what kind of help she can have in case of poor health. May be she can give a candy, and stroke your head, or call the  «ambulance»? Everyone can worry about someone else’s health, but to treat — no. In any case, this does not seem serious if it is a matter of organizing medical care in the event for team of thousand people.

It is interesting that the participants were also told how to hold «children’s health exhibitions». An important detail was clarified: «in the conditions of existing laws». It was offered to develop oratory in educational institutions — through presentations of a healthy lifestyle.

Olga came onto: on the one hand, the HLS is good, and on the other hand, the so-called «sermons» veiled under the propaganda of a healthy lifestyle could also lead to statements with claims to the Ministry of Education, for example.

Of the novelties that will probably be used in the near future by a new wave of propagandists of «Adventism», it is worth noting «quests» and «Christian flash mobs.» Quests are popular modern entertainment for young people. Usually a team of several people gathers, which performs the tasks invented by the organizers. Roman Kisakov from Moldova broadcast about the creation of the team and team games. At the same time, it is stressed that a group of people united by common views and goals, its performance is «the first condition for the successful service of every youth leader.»

In this context, financial issues were discussed: the cost of advertising in social media, the budget for launching the project. Examples of «our developments» were also given.

In this context, financial issues were discussed: the cost of advertising in social networks, the budget for launching the project. Examples of «our developments» were also given.

«However, sometimes everything goes not according to a plan, and leads to the fact that the army of youth does not have the strength and efficiency», referring from the pages of the brochure «served» as the treasurer of the Euro-Asian Division, Brent Berdik.

Army, division, service — it is interesting, why do not the authors of the brochure call the «commands» teams or, say, subunits, sabotage and reconnaissance groups, and so on? At the same time, it is curious, is there an unspoken list of non-preferred professions for adepts?

For example, in the description of the seminar of the employee of the Academy in Zaoksky, Pavel Zubkov said that listeners «will be offered examples of various professions and areas of activity potentially provoking a compromise of the bearer of Christian values.»

«Our service is both dangerous and difficult …» — which specialties and professions are not quite suitable for Christians? «- the authors of this line ask the reader.

However, the question implies in advance that, probably, not all can be a part of this community. 

It is not everything is so smooth, ibdeed, and the «ruling elite» of Adventists face problems when communicating with young people. A red thread through all the descriptions of master classes is the disinterest of young people in what they are offered:

«They take missionary books solely out of respect for you, but they are not read … They are not much interested in the youth groups in which you participate … They are not interested in worship in your church,» — in the description of the master class entitled «Eat, pray, share» visitors are invited to talk about «how easy it is to share their faith for a delicious dinner. »

«There are often times when everything seems boring and uninteresting. And there is so much attractive, sparkling and interesting around. How can we ensure that our usual weekly youth meetings become the place where young people want to go, not only themselves, but also bring their friends?» Dmitry Plugatarev told at the master class. How to keep interest in studying the Bible with young people when it’s terribly boring».

The fact is hidden in the queastion again: meetings of young people, apparently within the framework of the «Adventist circles», are not the place that young people are eager to attend. But some of the «missionaries» have already prepared somewhere in Zaoksky, in a room where also in red tones, as well as on a brochure, a scene was drawn up. Where the leaders of the movement found it necessary to urgently relay the baton — in words, but in fact — to strengthen positions with the help of young and energetic.

And one of these youngest and energetic, who did not make the necessary conclusions for the organizers, without a twinge of conscience, «threw out» the brochure. Paper tolerated, and the binding by God’s will found himself at the disposal of the news agency «SM-News».

«We see in each of you a huge potential. We do not hold this congress for you, but you conduct it yourself and set clear goals. We do not ask you: «Pass the relay,» and you, it is you who ask us, the believers of the older generation», the appeal of the «president of the Euro-Asian division» M.F. Kaminsky says.

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