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The Middle East is on fire: the United States maks quarrel the countries, Russia reconciles

The Middle East is on fire: the United States maks quarrel the countries, Russia reconciles
The Middle East is blazing. The World's media keeps their distance from events in Yemen, although the country suffers from terrorism directed against the state that undermines its stability, and from the terrorism of state against its people simultaneously. Members of the international scientific and practical conference on "Terrorism in the Middle East and the prospects for confrontation", which took place on 12 July at the Cosmos Hotel in Moscow made an attempt to define terrorism, as well as to find an effective way to combat evil.

The initiator of the event was the chairman of the Yemeni public organisation «Progress and Development», General Yahya Abdullah Saleh. The conference was organized шт cooperation with the Union of Military-Patriotic Forces «Zvezda», the head of the projects of the strategic vision group «Russia-Islamic World», professor of the Higher School of Economics, Sergey Vorobyov.

The head of the Association of Arab Diasporas in Moscow Hassan Nasrula, the president of the Russian-Arab cultural center in St. Petersburg Musalam Shoit, the chairman of the Union of «Zvezda» Alexey Morgunov also took part in the work.

Representatives of socio-political organizations, scholars and theologians from Arab countries and Russia, interested in the settlement of conflicts and the onset of peace, shared their views. Yahya Saleh opened the conference. He said that terrorists have a religion, and they kill those they consider outside of religion.

«Terrorists must have a religion that guarantees paradise, sheik and state,» he said. He called Wahhabism, using the methods of international terrorism, «the devil’s response to religion» and the reaction of the Shaytaan. Saleh noted the Russia’s positive role in the fight against international terrorism, and asked the Russian side to achieve adoption of a resolution in the UN Security Council, according to which, among other things, the media supporting terrorists will be banned. In his opinion, terrorism must be declared a «true war».

The senior researcher of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Sergei Serebrov offered to concentrate on the topic of the study of interference to the peaceful settlement of the crisis in Yemen. In his opinion, the situation has reached the threshold, the transition through which is impossible to admit. The humanitarian disaster in the country can change the «entire system of relations between the peoples of the region» for many decades, and then Yemen can turn into a «huge incubator of terrorism» that threatens the whole world.

«The war is increasingly moving beyond Yemen, and begins to have a general destabilizing effect on the system of relations in the Arabian Peninsula. And this happens against the backdrop of noticeable structural shifts in the global economy, when the United States lost its dependence in fact, and a great interest in Arabian oil. In fact, now Arabia is becoming a competitor to the United States, which has come first in the world in the production of oil,» he said.

Serebrov added that «local Arabian regimes» follow the logic of the 1960s and 1970s, when the US was heavily dependent on oil. Security guarantees are sought from principles that are already lost. Such a policy leads the region to new conflicts, local and regional powers will not receive dividends, and they will get to external players. As a result, an explosive situation has been created in the region, which Serebrov, referring to the statements of the UN Secretary-General of past years, called «a bomb ready to explode in 2017».

«I think if the situation continues, then in 2017 the» Arab Spring «, which did not affect the Arabian monarchy in 2011, will come to this region,» he said.

Serebrov stressed that the war fell on the shoulders of the entire Yemeni people, without understanding the Sunnis, Shiites, southerners or northerners they are, and lead to disunity. As a result of a humanitarian catastrophe, hundreds of thousands of civilians may die, which is an additional factor that requires the cessation of the war.

Serebrov  established a serious role in the conflict for the positions of the United States and Great Britain. According to him, $ 110 billion deal in Riyadh concluded in May 2017 by President Donald Trump is only a small part of what role these powers play in the continuation of the conflict.

The UN tried three times to stop what is happening in Yemen, applying Security Council resolution 2016 of April 2015. In the document, the main cause of the crisis was the activity of the Hussite group «Ansar Alla», who committed a coup against President Hadi. The surrender of weapons by all illegal armed formations to the government, the creation of conditions for the return of President Hadi to Sana are the two provisions described in the resolution.

Serebrov believes that the unsuccessful negotiations in 2015-2016 showed «isolation» of these conditions from the real situation in Yemen. That is, Resolution 2216 was not the key to the settlement, but the way to a dead end, and needs to be updated.

The interim President Hagee is not recognized either in the North or in the South (the former North and South Yemen), is forced to stay in Riyadh all the time. In Sana there are no signs of rebellion, a quite effective government has been created there, albeit under a constitution not recognized in the world. But, contrary to the resolution, armed groups are being created, that is, the requirement for disarmament is not being implemented. 

«Relations within the coalition countries are becoming increasingly tense. The war in Yemen contributed to the situation that arose around Qatar. This is only the first signal, which indicates friction and erosion, » he added.

In conclusion, Serebrov suggested that it is necessary to study the reason for the military intervention of the countries of the Saudi coalition in Yemen. According to him, Saudi Arabia used the problems of the South, the coalition proceeded from the erroneous thesis that it is a «no-man’s land», where one can come and establish its own order. According to the expert, to resolve the conflict, the parties must recognize the problems of the South, exclude contradictions in understanding such problems, which will reduce the interest of the Saudi coalition.

Yaser Akil, deputy chairman of the Russian-Arab Cultural Center in St. Petersburg, believes that in the fight against terrorism, it is important to take into account the mobility of public organizations in formulating tasks, as the movements are more free in their actions: the official point of view, on the contrary, requires agreement. Cultural exchange, in his opinion, is a beneficial field for cultivation by the public. In addition, it is easier, according to the expert, to organize humanitarian assistance through public organizations.

«Arab spring» was based on a strategy of controlled chaos, which, in turn, was based on the theory of the clash of civilizations. Confrontation of the theory of the clash of civilizations provides an opportunity to bring together points of view that can resist terrorism in general,» he said.

Akil added that it is important to highlight the acute issues. For example, as a result of the aggression on Yemen, the infrastructure, including the medical ones, was destroyed. As a result, the number of deaths from the outbreak of cholera is commensurate with the number of victims of hostilities.

«Destruction of infrastructure is targeted terrorism,» he said. «In Syria, hundreds of hospitals were destroyed not specifically, but purposefully.»

He also gave an example of how, at the time of his youth in Syria, a neighbor once invited to free additional chemistry and biology classes. There is board in the mosque, the teacher explains: «this is sodium, it is chlorine. By the will of the Most High, if we unite them, we will get sodium chloride. » Akil himself did not go to these courses anymore.

«Чем занимались эти люди? Кто их финансировал? Это было в 70-х годах прошлого века. Уже шла вербовка, применялись НЛП-технологии. Люди, которые посещали эти курсы тогда, сейчас все зомбированы», — рассказал он.

Or another example from the life of Akel. At the age of 12, he has a dispute with a classmate from an orthodox Muslim family. He said that the world has a creator, and this is God. Then Akel asked: does it mean that the creator also has a creator? A classmate asked his confessor, and he told him that Akel was a kafir deserving death.

The expert’s speech was reduced to the proposal to work with young people «at the bottom», to create an alternative to recruiters.

The representative of the military-patriotic union «Zvezda» Denis Oleinik said that terrorism is secondary, and initially the idea forms extremism. The analysis shows that a large number of sectarians and terrorists are illiterate and uneducated people, which makes it possible for terrorist and extremist organizations to involve young people in illegal activities. Oleinik added that the problem is also the inconsistency of the authorities, including the use of names and terms that are not inherent in law enforcement.

«In Russia in the 1990s, politicians or representatives of law enforcement agencies often called terrorists» jamaat» in the media, they said that they declared» jihad «. People who have a little understanding of Islam understand that «jihad» is a sacred effort in the name of a faith. That is, any fasting Muslim who does some good deeds, performs «jihad», — he said.

Also the term «Salafism» is not correctly used. Salafis are followers of the prophet Muhammad, who lived in the Golden Age. At the end of three centuries from the death of the prophet, the Salafis were no more.

«The most regrettable thing is that people start to engage in scientific discussion, and often they are statesmen of the Middle Eastern states, they are considering problems of Salafism, they call themselves Salafis,» he continued.

And without the media, terrorism is not possible, since the main goal is to spread fear and panic among the population. Therefore, the media is also an integral part of terrorist activities.

«Take the terrorists from the media and they will not be interesting,» Oleinik said.

The so-called «Islamic state» (ISIL, a terrorist organization banned in Russia)was called by the expertp seudo-Islamic, as followers «pray in different directions», being in one place, or even doing it at the store of women’s underwear. This once again emphasizes the illiteracy of followers. In addition, the expert compared the rhetoric of the ISIS members with the rhetoric of the Third Reich, and believes that it was «taken off the tracing paper and wrapped in an Islamic wrapper.» This proves that smart people are behind the backs of terrorists» in the face of foreign states and organizations, foreign special services.» Further, the ISIS people do not put on the agenda, for example, the Palestinian question — Islamic values ??in a macro scale are not considered by them.

«We see that terrorism, first of all, is a convenient thing to solve global problems. It is put on the agenda as a false target for distraction on unfit objects. First of all, this is an economic crisis, for the solution of which a terrorist threat is used — by the example of unleashing war in Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria,» he said.

Sadak Salioui, the head of the Egyptian community in Moscow, said that since 1994, many «jihadist organizations» have been trained in the territory of Yemen. He made a parallel with the situation in Ukraine: a coup d’etat was carried out by the nationalists and right-wing groups, as a result of which the war began (and continues). The same thing happens in Yemen.

«Are you ready to surrender your weapons in accordance with the United Nations Security Council 2216?» Then I am ready to join hands with you,» he said. Salioui proposed declaring Yemen a demilitarized country. He respectfully spoke out to Hezbollah «for resistance» (as was translated), but stated that it is inadmissible to find its military advisers in Yemen. It is extremely necessary to hand over weapons, as he said, as well as to provide conditions for the return of the president to Sana.

All of today’s tragedies in the Middle East are the result of the collapse of the Soviet Union, the greatest catastrophe of the 20th century. All that is happening now is the consequences. Araik Stepanyan, a member of the Presidium of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, is of the opinion.

He responded to the statement of Sergey Serebrov that the UN Security Council resolution 2216 had brought the situation to a standstill. According to him, the recipe for conflict resolution is «very simple»: not to interfere in the affairs of sovereign states is the main principle, this is international law. If a coup d’etat has taken place in the country, this does not give rise to, for example, the introduction of troops.

«Russia does not bomb Kiev, Russia does not bomb Ukrainian cities,» he said. — «Yes. We say: the power [in Ukraine] was captured illegally. »

In Yemen, the state applies force within borders, but it is unacceptable for other states to interfere. The Yemeni people, the expert continued, will figure it out, if only they give him that opportunity.

«If the Saudi Air Force bombs the city of Yemen, so, others need to watch how they are bombed? If Syria is invaded from different countries and kills civilians, so, other Arabs should look at it? How do they kill them, decapitate them, eat human organs? There is a double-edged sword, «he said emotionally about Hezbollah’s participation in the war in Yemen.

He recalled the words of the British officer Lawrence of Arabia: «Britain’s interests are to make the Arabs kill Arabs in British interests.» Today, he said, this is done in the interests of the United States.

«If you remember, US President George W. Bush, when he came to power, indicated: all borders will be changed, the Middle East will not be what it is. The status quo of the Americans no longer suited them, and they began negotiations. We remember how Secretary of State Powell came to Syria and persuaded Assad to accept American rules, «he said. «I think when the Americans began to interfere in the internal affairs of other states, chaos began.»

There was not the second pole, which could stop what was happening, and the US could afford to violate international law. The bombing of cities in other countries without the permission of the UN Security Council, the expert called terrorism. In this context, the expert called all the terrorist organizations operating in different countries, the branches of the CIA, for which they simply do not undertake in the central intelligence department of the United States.

«Yesterday they confirmed that Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi (the leader of ISIS) was dead: our VKS struck a blow,  allegedly a source … I will believe this only when US Senator Joseph Biden declares mourning. Because this is his shot, he prepared it, «he said.

The media, in fact, play a huge role. For example, in the early 2000s, American leading news agencies and TV channels distributed audio recordings of Bin Laden, whose voice threatened to strike at the United States. And the whole world listened to this: «Some poor Bedouin threatens a powerful country in the world.» Then he ignominiously allegedly dies, «Al-Qaeda» * disappears, appears ISIS. That is, the organization has fullfilled the function, and the audio record can not be dispensed with — now you need «juicy video footage».

«When you start shooting, you have to understand: this is not in your interests,» he said. «Therefore, the accusations against Hezbollah and the Husits ??from a psychological point of view, let’s just say, are understandable. But. From a political point of view, I believe that they are, as it were, engaged. »

Hezbollah was not in Yemen until it was bombed. There was no one in Syria until there were Uighurs from Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries. Its appearance is a reaction that is not in the interests of the US and Israel. Peace in the Middle East can be brought about by the balance of the two poles: as earlier Russia regains power, then sooner the world will be established.

Elena Suponina, an adviser to the Director of RISS, said that in the fall of 2015, while she was being in Tehran, she heard frequent questions: when will Russia begin to speak more resolutely in the Middle East? Then, she continued, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke at the UN General Assembly and again offered the Americans cooperation in the fight against terrorism. But his words, «direct and honest,» were not heard. However, the «outstretched hand of Russia» was noticed after the start of its own counter-terrorist operation. According to Elena Vladimirovna, one of the reasons is the need to «beat terrorists on distant approaches».

«Yes, I agree that Americans are not the main reason that terrorism is now flourishing. Too much honor for the Americans is to recognize this cause for them. »

She said that she was interested in communicating with American political scientists whether she planned to destroy terrorists in the United States. In response, they confessed that this was not the goal of Washington.

She said that she was interested in communicating with American political scientists whether she planned to destroy terrorists in the United States. In response, they confessed that this was not the goal of Washington.

«Our goal is for them to leave the territories that we need, which are controlled by us,» Suponin said, responding to the interlocutor. — «And if they go to Central and Central Asia? In response, the Americans openly say that they are not so worried. It is a headache of those governments that are trying to keep socio-economic problems in the countries of Central and Central Asia. This is a headache in Russia, on the southern borders of which new hotbeds of terrorism may appear. This is the headache of Europe, because the bulk of refugees are not going to America, but to Europe.»

Suponina admitted that Russia is honestly fighting against terrorism and will continue to do so. The expert does not agree that the «Arab spring» will come to Saudi Arabia, than the problems of the region will be resolved. Counting on the results is not necessary, since there are its results in Libya, which say that, rather, it was autumn or winter. Russia does not support radical changes anywhere, anyway.

«Russia is in favor of peace in the region. Because it’s closer to our borders. Americans quarrel all and everything, while Russia, Moscow, has repeatedly tried to reconcile representatives of Tehran and Riyadh with each other. Americans, on the contrary, are betting on a split. Now they have taken up and for the internal relations between the Arab countries-members of the Cooperation Council of the Arab States of the Persian Gulf. They drive a wedge between Qatar and Saudi Arabia, simultaneously sell weapons to both, «she said.

The expert stated that the Russian Federation pursues a goal: to build a new world order, but not a global one, for which transnational companies advocate, but one that would place a multi-polar world in which both Russia and the Arab countries could express their opinion and have the right vote. The world order established after the Second World War, she stressed, does not respond to the contemporary challenges of terrorism.

«To build an order that would be beneficial to one country in the world? This Russia will not allow. That’s why Russia came to Syria, «she said.

In Turkey they understand that the «new Balkans» can come in their country, therefore the Turkish side cooperates with Russia at the inter-Syrian negotiations in Astana, helps to solve the Syrian problem. The collapse of several countries will mean a complete redistribution of the Middle East, which will be accompanied by much greater sacrifices and blood. Moscow will continue to resist this scenario.

The head of the East direction of the Pravda.ru edition Said Gafurov stressed that the sources of financing of terrorism are not endless. In the US budget there is a limit, and now in Washington will face a choice where to increase armament: in the Far East, China, or the Middle East, «to continue to destroy the region.» Gafurov suggested that the US administration would most likely choose the far region, as «for the first time faced the situation when the Chinese navy is able to inflict a strategic retaliatory strike across the United States.»

«This gives reason to hope that in Syria, and in Yemen, and in other places where the funds that Americans spend to support extremism, and ultimately terrorism, will be reduced,» he said.

Mohjadin Khaldi, board member of the Association of Arab Diasporas in Moscow, stressed that terrorism has no legal definition. Sociologists say that evil comes after the export of extremist ideology. According to him, Saudi Arabia buys an idea to cover up its activities.

«We understand that this is a product of the United States to divide the Arab countries: Syria, Yemen, Egypt and Libya. Russia is actively fighting against evil, trying to solve the problem. This is a great power that can eradicate evil in all countries, «he said.

Yemen is not popular in the media, and Saudi Arabia and its «terrorist regime» are bought by whole countries. According to Khaldi, in order to end the evil, it is necessary, among other things, to fight by military means, to resist ideology. The program of such a struggle must be made by all interested in the settlement of the country. He stressed that the responsibility should be borne by those states that financed the spread of extremist ideology.

Spiritual categories, in contrast to many speakers, as was stressed at the conference, thinks sheikh-al-Islam Khamzat-Hadji Salamov. He said that in 1990 he became the imam of the central mosque in Grozny, where the first prayer was performed. Then all the well-known events began. Two years later pilgrims in Mecca saw Dzhokhar Dudayev, who, along with his retinue, was allowed to enter the Kaaba, although Dudayev «never prayed in his life».

Руководитель направления «Восток» издания «Правда.ру» Саид Гафуров подчеркнул, что источники финансирования терроризма – не бесконечны. В американском бюджете есть лимит, и сейчас в Вашингтоне столкнутся перед выбором, где наращивать вооружение: на дальнем Востоке, у Китая, или на Ближнем Востоке, «чтобы продолжать уничтожать регион». Гафуров предположил, что администрация США выберет, скорее всего, дальний регион, так как «впервые столкнулись с ситуацией, когда морской флот Китая в состоянии нанести стратегический удар возмездия по всей территории США».

«Dudaev and his entourage were allowed to enter the Kaaba, but there were no respectable alims from the Chechen Republic among them. Like this? This is respect for the Chechen Republic, for the Chechen people, to whom it was not known, «he said.

Russian Muslims look five times a day toward the Kaaba, pray, respect the Arab world: the prophet came from the Arabs, the Koran — in Arabic.

«Whoever that speaks, Muslims, and Christians — any people … Although you can say such lofty words: for the sake of Allah, for the sake of religion — I have long noticed that everything goes to power and money. Everyone on his mind, we all think that if you get some power now, then money is a must. We all think about it because they are needed.

But using the name of Allah, a religion in these things is very dangerous. Be a politician — please speak your policy. The head of the region, the president of the country — well, do not hide behind these false slogans, do not use the name of Allah, the name of religion for your own purposes, «he said.

Salamov called for the elimination of small differences between followers of various trends in Islam.

«I would like so: that Muslims — they were just Muslims, without additives (Sunnis, Shiites, fundamentalists, Salafis and so on). In Arabic, there is the word «muttok» — just a Muslim without additional notation. The Qur’an is one, the prophet is one, and disagreements — you can sit at a round table for different scholars (and Shiites, Sunnis, and others), open the Koran, and not interpret it in advance, as he would like, but to accurately interpret. There are little such disagreements — because of this there should be no enmity, «he said.

Oleg Fomin, president of the RUSSAR charitable foundation, said that he began his career as an Arabist 50 years ago, in Yemen. The people of this country he called one of the most cordial, sympathetic and amicable, retaining the best Bedouin traits.

«At present, Yemen suffers no less than the people of Syria,» he said, adding that the state has the same enemies as Syria. «Syria is on everyone’s lips, Syria, we all help, but we pay much less attention to Yemen, although we are connected by history, especially during the Soviet period.»

Fomin proposed the establishment of a committee of solidarity with the Yemeni people, which was greeted with applause at the conference, and asked to include this item in the final document. The participants agreed that the words will not remain «on paper», they will exchange contacts and continue communication.

Yasser Akel read out the resolution:

  • The fight against terrorism is a common global challenge
  • State military intervention in the internal affairs of sovereign states and occupation are equated with terrorism
  • Destruction of vital infrastructure is a form of terrorism
  • Combating terrorism requires simultaneous parallel work on the ideological, military, financial and information fronts
  • To note the role of public organizations in the prevention and combating of extremism and terrorism
  • Non-compliance with international law and the UN Charter creates fertile ground for the spread of domestic and international terrorism
  • Establishment of a committee of solidarity and support of the Yemeni people
  • To note the special role of the Russian Federation in the fight against international terrorism, and to urge the world community to join efforts of Russia.

Very interesting points are included in the final document, but I would like to note that it is necessary to point more emphatically at certain things: Russia can play a greater role in the adoption of the resolution in the UN Security Council, in order to condemn terrorism, condemn the financing of terrorism, condemn those countries Who sell weapons that finance terrorism, «concluded General Yahya Saleh with a closing remarks.

— I think, recently, countries that support terrorism and terrorists spend billions of dollars buying the conscience of a number of even whole states and the UN. In addition, the media also play a destructive role in spreading ideology, also in social media. We saw that satellite television channels — Saudi and Emirates, Qatar — also spread the terrorist ideology and excite only inter-confessional discord, support separatist tendencies, separatism in different countries. All this is financed by these Arab states in the interests of the American project. I very much hope that the issues of terrorism have specifically determined that we have terrorist organizations, there is still state terror. Therefore, it must be pointed out that there are still certain states, and it is necessary to put points on i, as they say, to name these states or to conduct a certain classification, or to take a definite decision with respect to these countries. This is to ensure that they feel that certain measures will be taken against them, they will also be condemned, as well as terrorist organizations.

* The terrorist organization banned in Russia

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