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the 19 th Congress of the Communist Party: So spoke Xi Jinping

the 19 th Congress of the Communist Party: So spoke Xi Jinping
For the first time from the days of Mao Zedong Xi Jinping's thoughts entered the Charter of the ruling Communist Party of China. A long-term development program for the country until 2050 was defined

Secretary-General of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Xi Jinping is a political and main innovator in the PRC. Such an opinion on the air of the Chinese television channel CGTN was voiced by the Russian Orientalist, professor of the RUDN University Yuri Tavrovsky. According to him, there was no long-term planning before the Jinping in China, but now a development program has been in place until 2049. The expert believes that the Russian authorities should learn from the experience of their Chinese counterparts. He compared the development of the state without long-range planning with the sailing of a ship on the high seas without a lighthouse.

«The CPС is currently playing the role of such an ultramodern computer network that controls the whole country. Computers are everywhere. Each party organization, each party committee — is actually a hub. Through the communication lines everything comes from the province to the «server» — this is the Central Committee. This server develops new programs for managing this huge computer world with the help of the best specialists. And in this server the information «from below» converges, which allows to understand: what is happening in a huge country? After the information is accumulated with the advice of specialists, new signals are developed, which also spread very quickly over the network, and the server has the ability to monitor how these teams are performing,» the Tavrovsky has described the management system in the PRC .

Tavrovsky is convinced that without the CPС in China «there would be no such success».

On 24 October in the House of National Assembly in Beijing, the 19 th Congress of the Communist Party was completed. The CPC Charter introduced the Xi Jinping’s thoughts about socialism with the Chinese characteristics of a new era. The Chinese leader made a report on the activities of the party in the previous five years under the title «To achieve a decisive victory in building a society of average prosperity, to win a great victory of socialism with Chinese characteristics in a new era.» Congress approved the report. Jinping was put on a par with Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping.

«Xi Jinping’s thoughts of socialism with Chinese characteristics in a new era is based and continues to enrich Marxism-Leninism, the idea of Mao Zedong, the theory of Deng Xiaoping, the theory of three representations * and a scientific view of development. It represents the latest achievement in the adaptation of Marxism to the Chinese context and encapsulates the practical experience and collective wisdom of our Party and people. This is an important component of the theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics and a guide to action for all our members and the entire Chinese people when we are striving for national rejuvenation. This idea should be followed and unfailingly developed on a long-term basis, «reads the text of the Congress resolution.

According to the text of the document, the period of development of China until 2050 is divided into two stages: from 2020 to 2035, the CPC Central Committee plans to establish a «moderately prosperous society» foundation; the next 15 years of hard work, relying on the results of modernization, the Chinese society will build modern and socialist China. Attention is paid to the environment — China will be built a beautiful and green, as well as national security, with reference to Xi Jinping’s thoughts.

«Absolutely every one of us in our party must always be on an equal level with the people, share a common future and remain truly connected with them (people — author’s note). The desire of people to live a better life should always be at the center of our efforts. We must continue to strive resolutely towards the great goal of national rejuvenation,» he said.

The Communist Party of China was founded in July 1921. Currently, the party includes more than 89 million people, or 6% of the population of China. The highest governing body is the Congress, which is held once in five years. In the work of the congress in 2017, 2,280 delegates selected from among the members of the primary organizations took part. The Congress elects the CPC Central Committee, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the highest officials of the country, and changes the Party’s Charter. One person can not hold one position for more than two five-year terms.

A member of the Communist Party Presidium, Anatoly Lokot, recalled the importance of the Congresses of the CPSU, which worked out the country’s development strategy.

«It’s the same in the PRC. The Congress, of course, carries epoch-making significance,» he said.

Lokot drew attention to the constant contacts between the Communist Parties of Russia and China. «The orientation of Russia to Asia and China is understandable in general,» he said. According to the representative of the Communist Party, the geopolitics in the world «scale» is affected by three states: the Russian Federation, China and the United States.

The first secretary of the Communist Party of Belarus Alexey Sokol stressed that in the Communist Party decisions are taken collectively.

«All the actions to date, which the party is conducting, this is due to the interaction between countries. For China, priority is building with all regions … this applies to the EEU, this concerns the European Union, Asia … the construction of a logistics trade and economic international cooperation,» he said.

In fact, attention to the 19th Congress of the CPC in Beijing riveted around the world. For example, the Armenian leadership is interested in the event. President of the Republic of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan said in an exclusive interview for CGTN that the Chinese people for the past five years under the leadership of the CPC and its general secretary Xi Jinping achieved impressive results, and reforms made the economy of China the driving force of the world economy. This is confirmed by the recognition of the Chinese currency by the world community: in 2016 the yuan was included in the basket of reserve currencies of the world.

«The Chinese Communist Party has accumulated a lot of experience in transformations. We are always supporters of taking advantage of the work of our successful friends, which is why we are actively cooperating not only with China, but also with the Communist Party of China. I’m already speaking as a leader of the Republican Party of Armenia,» he said.

At the Congress, Xi Jinping proposed the concept of creating a «human community of one destiny». The journalist asked: what does the Armenian leader think about this? Sargsyan answered that he had understood the concept so that the planet Earth is a home for all mankind, before which there were «numerous challenges».

«And these challenges can only be overcome by joint efforts,» he said, stressing the importance of cooperation. «There are no good and bad states, no big and small, no poor and rich states. There are states that should cooperate first. That’s what I understood from this concept». 

The Russian Institute for Strategic Studies believes that the 19th Congress of the CPC Central Committee is orienting the country to achieve the Chinese dream, the revival of the nation or the Dzhunhua nation. RISS expert Konstantin Kokarev explained that the report set the task of attracting the population to state management. In all undertakings, the Chinese authorities must rely on the support of the broad masses of the people. At the same time, the leadership of the Communist Party is unshakable and unchanged.

«Now we see confirmation that these ideas entered the charter of the Communist Party as Xi Jinping’s thoughts,» Kokarev said.

Personification of the idea, for the first time from the days of Mao Zedong, speaks of the authority of Xi Jinping, his «ability to monitor and organize all the colossal work that is to be done in the interests of implementing the Strategic Development Plan …», believes Kokarev.

«The Congress declares the intention of the Communist Party of China to continue to pursue a policy of strict administration. This means a consistent work to further strengthen party discipline and take decisive measures to curb its possible violations,» he said.

Kokarev spoke about the «Strategic Plan of Socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era. It includes 14 points, which were announced in the report of Jinping. The next, after the indisputable leadership of the CPС and the support of the population, are common approaches to reform.

«They include a number of positions. And creativity, scientific, and openness, and the so-called «common benefit» in the implementation of certain projects. Particular emphasis is being placed on the so-called «green» approach to the implementation of economic projects. In addition, the plan provides for certain moves towards improving the political system and political regime in China. But an inalienable and obligatory position in this key is the adherence to the need for the all-round development of socialism with precisely Chinese characteristics, «said Kokarev.

Socialism with the Chinese characteristics of the new era is the innovation of Jinping, the thesis entered into the resolution of the Central Committee and other materials of the Congress as «the Xi Jinping’s thoughts».

* tripartite representation, the theory of three representations — the theory put forward in 2002 at the 16th Congress of the CPC by the Secretary General of the Central Committee, Jiang Zemin. The Communist Party in its vision should represent the interests of the broad sections of the working population: advanced productive forces, Chinese culture, and the fundamental interests of the population. As a result, representatives of medium and large business could join the Communist Party.

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